Tips and ideas for bathroom decorating

At one time British bathrooms were highly functional places, often the smallest room in the house and subject to very little thought when it came to decorating. Our grandparents probably barely heated the smallest room.

These days, it sometimes feels like the bathroom is the most important room. It’s not just a great retreat for harassed parents to lock themselves away for five minutes of peace, it’s where we go at the start of the day to prepare for the challenges ahead, or at the end of the day to relax. It’s also where we pamper and preen ourselves.

Just like our American cousins, British homeowners are starting to demand multiple bathrooms in properties, and en suites are mandatory for many house buyers. All reflecting how much we love our bathrooms!

Clearly, decorating a bathroom needs more thought than ever before. So how can Torbay homeowners create havens in their bathrooms, to shower and bath with the right backdrop?

Specialist products

A quick note of warning before we get to the creative stuff. This is a busy room. Though modern houses often have good ventilation, some older properties mean you have condensation issues which can quickly impact on wallpaper and paint. Then of course you will get the inevitable splashes of water, soap and perfumed products.

Specialist bathroom paints, adhesive and papers have been invented for very good reasons. There are also specialist additives you can add to normal paints to combat mildew. You will want the décor in your bathroom to look good, but also stand up to wear and tear and last for as long as possible.

Investing in good specialist advice and a professional decorating service for your bathroom can mean you don’t flush away your cash on decorating materials that are not up for the job.

Your own slice of heaven

Modern paints and wall coverings offer you a huge range of options to make your bathrooms as individual as you are – colours, patterns and textures.

If you are not already clear on a theme, then take a look at your bathroom furniture for inspiration. Does it lend itself to classic, Victorian floral patterns and warm reds? Vintage never goes out of fashion – and gives you chance to add some flowers in a vase, a few candles and other finishing touches once the decorating is done.

Or, if your bathroom furniture is simplistic, and minimalist, why not let your imagination run wild with geometric patterns or bold, contrasting colour walls? You could then add ornaments and pictures that reflect this contemporary feel.

For some people though, nothing can beat showering or bathing in a room decorated all in one uniform colour, especially white. Then all the clutter is stored away, leaving clear surfaces and a blank slate for your relaxation. Keeping the decoration to a simple white can also lead to the bathroom feeling as clean as you are.

Light means space

Keep in mind that white is the best way to reflect light, making your room look bigger. Using white on the ceiling for example can appear to “lift” it. If you use darker colours in your bathroom it will make it optically smaller.

Sometimes the best way to have fun with decorating a bathroom without making it too dark, is to do half and half. So you could have the bottom half of the walls a dark colour, but use a complementary lighter colour at the top. Or do the same thing with busy shapes and plain paintwork.

Make your bathroom your canvas

There is no need to confine your creative use of colour and texture just to your walls in your bathroom. How about having your cabinets painted to match or contrast? Eggshell paint can make even the plainest cupboard look special.

Or use stencils and picture tiles to create really individual designs. Glass and mirrors can be a terrific way to create illusions and also fool the eye into thinking your bathroom is bigger than it is.

If you are a homeowner in the Torbay area who is either looking to add a “splash” of colour to your bathroom or planning a complete renovation, contact S&K Decorating for a free quotation and some more great ideas to tap into.

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