Benefits of EPDM for Flat Roofing and Waterproofing

Overlaying flat roofs with insulation and EPDMEPDM roofing systems offer high quality waterproofing and usually come with a 20 year guarantee on their roofing membranes. EPDMs or breather membranes can be used as an EPDM overlay for existing roofs, or to waterproof new builds, or new flat roofs as well as offer many other associated EPDM benefits including:

  • Breather MembraneEPDM rubber roofing systems allow the substrate underneath its breather membrane to breath. These products are vapour permeable meaning any existing moisture or dampness can escape, while the membrane retains it’s ability to remain fully waterproof against the elements. Making it ideal for use as an EPDM Overlay.
  • Speed of Installation – A one piece roof system comes prefabricated from the factory, reducing the time and costs related to man hours during the installation process. This allows EPDM systems to be measured, fabricated and installed quicker than most other roofing products. EPDM breather membranes can also be used as an EPDM overlay, saving even more time and money on flat roof replacement projects.
  • Membrane Flexibility – EPDM rubber systems are highly elastic waterproofing membranes, which will accommodate any stretching and building movements without a problem!
  • Membrane Quality – EPDM roofing systems will not tear, crack or split! These roofing membranes can in fact stretch to a MASSIVE 400% without damaging the membrane.
  • Resistant to Poor Workmanship – EPDMs provide peace of mind in that their rubber membranes are made to measure in the workshop under ideal working conditions, and consistent quality control, ensuring minimal onsite joining of the EPDM breather membrane. This also makes EPDMs ideal for lakes, reservoirs and pond lining.
  • Proven Resistance to Aging – In addition to boasting a 50 year minimum proven life expectancy, most manufacturers offer a 20 Year Guarantee!
  • Safety of Installation – with no flame torches or hot boilers being required to install EPDM rubber systems, due to them being applied with a cold adhesive, there becomes no risk of fire to your premises.
  • Fire Resistant – FR Grade; non ballasted: AA Standard; ballasted: FAA
  • Extreme Temperatures – EPDMs remain unaffected by extreme temperature variations and have been exhaustively tested to withstand temperatures varying from -40 to 110 degrees Celsius.
  • Highly Puncture Resistant – with membranes being resistant to root penetration, EPDM systems are therefore ideal for roof gardens in addition to flat roof waterproofing. Some systems have even been officially tested and have been proven to exceed the German FLL tests for root penetration for example.
  • Environmentally Friendly – EPDMs are the most environmentally friendly flat roofing product on the market. This is due to the EPDM being recyclable and with less energy being used in its manufacture than with bitumen products, coupled with its very low usage of global resources.
  • Resistant to Atmospheric Pollutants – EPDM roofing membranes are resistant to atmospheric pollutants such as acid rain and ultraviolet light.
  • Lightweight – with its rubber breather membrane putting negligible loads on roofs being refurbished, EPDM systems are one of the lightest roofing materials available and is therefore ideal as an EPDM overlay.