EPDM Rubber Roofing Systems

The information here is not accurate to any particular system, but is rather just a guide to the qualities and specifications you can expect from EPDM Rubber Roofing Systems. We use a range of roofing products, but in the case of EPDM membranes, we normally use one of the Firestone EPDMs unless another EPDM has been specified.

New skylights being fitted on a large EPDM flat roofEPDM rubber roofing systems can be made to measure in a single ply rubber roofing membrane sheet, offering a quality EPDM roofing system, which will outperform and outlast all other single and multilayer alternatives. An additional benefit is that these EPDMs require less joining and so there is a lower chance of seam failure, unlike felts and other outdated flat roofing systems.

The EPDM rubber roof membrane system is a proven roofing system, with some having a proven life expectancy exceeding 50 years!! A good sign of a quality EPDM roofing system, is the type and length of the accompanying guarantee. Rubber roofing membranes usually come with a 20 Year Guarantee, direct from the manufacturer.

EPDM rubber roofing systems can still be installed in low temperatures As a highly durable roofing system, EPDM’s are capable of dealing with extreme conditions caused by temperature fluctuations, snow, wind, ice, ponding, UV radiation as well as other atmospheric pollutants and environmental stresses. This quality rubber roofing system is therefore ideal for many types of demanding waterproofing projects including flat roofs, green roof gardens, and pond lining.

Trusted local tradesmen installing an EPDM flat roof While due to an EPDM rubber roof membrane’s installation methods, a roof can normally be measured, fabricated and installed quicker, than other roofing products. This results in the highest quality roofing, with huge savings on larger roofs due to reduced time, labour and associated on site costs. At the same time these systems are able to help bring back an overdue scheduled, by being up to 70% faster to install than conventional roofing systems.