Flat Roofing Products

When conducting any flat roofing project, whether it is for a residential sized or industrial sized flat roof, the choice of flat roofing products or systems to be used is an important decision to make. A quality flat roofing system in conjunction with a professional roofing contractor, can save you time, money, and last as long as the substrate it is being installed upon. On the contrary, using an inferior product could mean you have to carry out re roofing replacement work, require regular maintenance, or to a worse extent not sufficiently waterproof, or solve the initial problem or leak.

Flexible EPDM fitted around a protruding roof pipeAs a flat roofing contractor, S&K have over the years come into contact with, and gained experience using various flat roofing products. This has given us the knowledge and practical experience necessary to effectively choose the best flat roofing products available on the market. Through applying and installing different systems, we have seen the benefits and shortfalls first hand, and can save you time and money by providing quality advice for your specific low pitched or flat roofing project. If you would like a Free Quote and Advice without Obligation, then feel free to Get in Touch with a member of our team.

White silicone roof coating systems reflecting the sunAt Pro Flat Roofing we have experience fitting a variety of flat roofing products, however when no product has been specified, we prefer to use one of a few selected products which we know will provide unrivaled quality and value for any low pitched or flat roof works.

S&K Contractors always consider the following factors when selecting a flat roofing product to add to our product range, and only if they meet or surpass our high standards will we consider offering them to our customers. These factors are not limited to, but include the following:

  • Longevity
  • 20 Year Guarantee
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Speed of installation
  • Value for Money
  • Amount of Maintenance required
  • Disruption caused during installation
  • Safety
  • Proven life expectancy
  • Durability in extreme weather conditions
  • Flexibility in order to accommodate building movement
  • Capable of dealing with permanent ponding of water

Taking the above factors into account, we choose to use two main flat roofing products which we consider to be the best on the market, offering the highest quality, and versatility. The two products we use are namely EPDM Rubber Roofing Systems and Silicone Roof Coating Systems. For more information on these top of the range flat roofing products, please see the links provided in the table below:

S&K Contractors Approved Flat Roofing Products