GacoPro Roof Coating

A picture of the GacoPro roof coating tin

GacoPro Roof Coating is a commercial grade, 100% silicone, two coat waterproofing system. GacoPro is an ideal system for flat roofing and low sloped roofing projects, which are time critical, require a 20 year guarantee, aim to reduce a building’s energy consumption, and need to be capable of withstanding difficult weather conditions and ponding, while budget and time play an important factor.

The GacoPro roof coating system is usually applied using two coats, except in certain cases such as when applying to plywood (we recommend 3 coats in this case on top of WPB Plywood). GacoPro is a single component which is moisture cured, and liquid applied, while it can be used as an overlay roof coating or on new flat roofing and low sloped roofing projects. This silicone roof coating can be applied directly to many surfaces including:

  • Felt (weathered & aged too)
  • EPDM
  • WPB Plywood
  • Fibreglass
  • Asphalt
  • TPO
  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Lead
  • Polyurethane

White silicone roof coating systems reflecting the sunAs well as the above surfaces, GacoPro is suitable to be applied on top of most single ply waterproofing systems, as well as gutters, valleys, and channels. The GacoPro roof coating remains flexible during freezing, hot and humid days, so it will never suffer from cracking and can cope with most structural movement without incurring damage. When using GacoPro’s white coat as the final finish layer, heat from the sun is virtually eliminated and therefore building expansion and contraction is practically eliminated too.

The GacoPro roof coating system also offers some unique benefits including:

  • Up to 50% less installation time when compared with the majority of other flat roofing and low pitched roof waterproofing systems.
  • GacoPro requires no mesh or fleece, while roof tapes are available to fix cracks, corners and upstands.
  • Gacopro can be applied directly to most surfaces with no primer being required, saving valuable onsite installation time and associated costs.
  • Can be installed within a wide temperature range, with application being possible between 0°C and 46°C, meaning installation is possible throughout most of the winter season too.
  • No waste is produced by the GacoPro roof coating system, unlike other systems where pieces of the waterproofing material needs to be cut away and disposed of.
  • Remains 100% watertight even under permanent and heavy ponding of water.
  • Offers high reflectivity with its white coloured coating, removing up to 85% of the roof damaging temperature, which would otherwise cause the roof to expand and contract under temperature variations and potentially causing roof damage over the longer term.
  • Resists the growth of moss and algae, helping the roof to stay looking clean and new for longer.
  • Will outperform Asphalt coatings, Acrylics and Urethanes, while remaining flexible in all conditions.
  • Helps reduce airconditioning and cooling costs in the hotter summer months. This is done through its white colour reflecting up to 85% of the sun’s heat rays, helping the building to remain cool. While GacoPro will definitely lower the need for aircon usage, how much will depend on some factors such as temperature the insulation and the previous roofing product used. For example metal buildings and buildings with dark coloured roofs such as felts and asphalts can have a significant difference when GacoPro is applied, and thus make them more comfortable for their occupants.
  • Comes with a 20 Year Warranty on the product direct from the manufacturer.

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GacoPro Roof Coating vs Acrylics

GacoPro installed on a plant heavy roof

GacoPro easily out performs Acrylics, offering numerous advantages over Acrylic alternatives and here are a few reasons why. To begin with the GacoPro roof coating can withstand constant / permanent water ponding, while there are zero Acrylics which are capable of this without experiencing issues such as adhesive failure or bubbling effects. GacoPro also does not require any fleece, patch compound, primer or sealer, while all Acrylics require the use of a primer coat before application.

Silicone roof coating resisting moss and algaes on roof near river

Another advantage over Acrylics and as mentioned above is that GacoPro can be installed in a wide range of temperatures, currently from 0°C to 48°C. However, Acrylics cannot match this and are not possible to be applied during temperatures lower than 12°C and higher than 32°C, meaning winter work especially is unlikely to be possible. Furthermore, Acrylics only last between 3-5 years before they require a re-coat, while the GacoPro roof coating far surpasses this with a huge life span, and therefore does not require a re-coat (generally lasting as long as the substrate itself) due to it being Silicone based, which is inert and does not degrade.

Finally, GacoPro comes with a 20 Year Warranty on its product, while Acrylics (if they do have a warranty), will only be covered for around 3-5 years. GacoPro therefore offers not only superior performance, but also better piece of mind, knowing you are covered should something go wrong.

For a brief summary between the GacoPro roof coating and Acrylics, please see the table below:

GacoPro Roof Coating vs Acrylics
Factor GacoPro Roof Coating Acrylics Comment
Can withstand Permanent Pond? Yes No Acrylics: Suffer adhesive failure & bubbling effects.
Does not require a fleece, patch compound, primer or sealer? Yes No Acrylics: Always require a primer coat before application.
Can be applied between 0°C to 48°C? Yes No Acrylics: can only be applied between 12°C – 32°C.
Does not require a re-coat? Yes No Acrylics: Require a re-coat between 3-5 years later.
Offers a 20 Year Warranty? Yes No Acrylics: If they have a warranty, it will only be covered for 3-5 years.

What limitations does the GacoPro roof coating system have?

GacoPro with non slip walkway installed for maintenance workersOK, so you heard about the many strengths and benefits of the GacoPro roof coating system, so you might be wandering about what issues or limitations it may have. Well, let’s be realistic. Every product has its own limitations and setbacks; however some are far greater than others as you have seen when comparing GacoPro with Acrylic products. So, what limitations have we seen with GacoPro? Well, after installation, GacoPro can be rather slippery when wet, and therefore not ideal for foot traffic and walkways.

Simple silicone roof walkwayHowever, fortunately there is an easy solution. GacoPro offers a silicone based, solvent free, yellow sealant product which we can use as an alternative to conventional walk way roofing mats. These offer a great amount of traction for maintenance staff or pedestrians who need access to the roof. We have found this to be a good option, which does an excellent job to solve this issue.

Still not sure GacoPro roof coating is the right product to get the job done?

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