Industrial Flat Roof Projects

Large industrial flat roofs, such as a factory roof or warehouse, is where we can really shine and save a lot of money compared to an industrial roof contractor using a different system, while still providing you with top notch quality and a 20 Year Guarantee.

A plant heavy industrial flat roofHow can we save a lot of money on an industrial flat roof, factory roof and industrial waterproofing works? Simple! Although our product is a quality EPDM membrane, comparable in cost to other quality systems, we can install our product up to 70% faster, making a saving on associated time and labour costs. This makes us very competitive against other industrial roof contractors and able to offer huge savings on larger projects.

More information regarding our manufacturing and installation process can be found on our EPDM manufacture page.

A factory roof with skylights As an industrial roof contractor we understand the importance for your premises or factory roof to keep out the elements and protect your stock, supplies, products or contents which lie at the heart of your business. When undertaking roof replacement or addressing your roofing problems, we therefore in most cases will overlay our breathable membrane ensuring your contents are never at risk and without having to disrupt your day to day business.

A flat roof skylight Another important aspect particularly for a factory roof or an industrial flat roof is natural light received through skylights. Unfortunately this is a common and troublesome area for an industrial roof contractor and where leaks often occur, but not however for our choice of flat roofing systems. An EPDM system is often the ideal roofing solution making troublesome roof lights and penetrations a thing of the past. The product’s flexibility (ensuring it wont crack or split) and its preformed corners will ensure your roof doesn’t suffer from these common issues and roofing problems.

Our Industrial Flat Roof Process

A professional flat roof contractorOur process involves individually surveying each factory or industrial flat roof in order to inspect its condition, determine whether it has any special requirements and take the necessary measurements.

We can then offer advice on overlaying, the use of insulation or plyboard, rainwater goods, noise dampening, fixing methods, skylights, outlets and penetrations.

Quality flat roofing and professional finishOnce your requirements have been defined, we will then be able to provide you with a free no obligation quote, within which we will normally include the cost of scaffolding, skip hire, waste removal, cranes and other specialist tradesmen as required. We can also provide you with various quotations taking into account alternative approaches and budgets as desired.

Once we are awarded the contract we will be delighted to provide you with the highest quality industrial waterproofing and top notch service to match.