Made to Measure Roofing

EPDM rubber roofing systems are often made to measure roofing systems. The EPDM manufacture results in EPDM sheet sizes being cut to various sizes in the factory, to be able to create a one piece roof membrane for smaller roofs, or fewer pieces for larger flat roofs. This ensures security and longevity of the system, having the waterproofing layer of the flat roof construction prebuilt off-site under ideal working conditions.

Made to measure roofing being installed on a residential propertyThe EPDM system’s made to measure roofing membrane has evolved from intially offering smaller sheet sizes available in rolls, as a one size fits all venture, to being made in various sizes, with EPDM membrane sheets currently spanning up to 30m by 15m in length and width. This ensures seam security and longevity of the system for the many years to come, allowing the system to be used to create in some cases a one piece roof, which can be measured, fabricated and installed quicker than most other roofing products.

A professional flat roof contractor The EPDM manufacturing process ensures minimal seams through not having to join the system’s rubber waterproofing sheets together many times. When laying any roof the main issues come by way of joining the materials together. In terms of felts, the normal way to try and overcome this is too put layer upon layer of felt to reduce the failure of one layer and ultimately affecting the entire structure of the waterproofing. However, due to lack of flexibility, cracking and other issues caused by temperature fluctuations weaken the felt joint.

With EPDM systems, the EPDM membrane is overlapped only at the joint area, with special contact adhesives and sealants being used for extra security. This, along with the flexibility, stretchability and other benefits of rubber based systems, already offers a superior advantage. Now couple this advantage with bigger EPDM membrane sheet sizes, which reduces the number of sheets required, and ultimately results in less onsite joining, greater security and longevity.

EPDM installed on a low sloped flat roof Off-site prefabrication techniques used for flat roof construction, ensure that the most common cause of leaks and other problems related to poor on-site installation, are either overcome or reduced. With the EPDM made to measure roofing system, most of the work is carried out in the factory under ideal working conditions and strict quality control.

A plant heavy industrial flat roofAs well as the many other benefits associated with EPDM manufacture, made to measure roofing and waterproofing sheets are more economical, resulting in significantly reduced on-site labour and less wastage of materials.

EPDM roofing system can cater for any sized roof, or waterproofing project. Its waterproofing sheets can be prefabricated in single sheets for smaller roofs, or split into two or more pieces for very large flat roof projects. Thus, roofs of any square meterage could be completed as a one piece roof, or two or more pieces using an EPDM rubber system.