New Flat Roof Installation

A new flat roof being installedWhen undertaking new flat roof installation works, it is important to consider the entire life cost of the new roof. As professional flat roofers we don’t just aim to provide short term value, but rather lifelong savings.

Flat roof repair required due to splitting on a felt roof
Splitting felt allowing water to leak into the building and requiring flat roof repair

Often, when someone considers the cost of flat roof installation on their recently constructed new flat roof, the first thing they think about is cost and quite rightly so. However, most of us fail to think ahead about the long term cost of a new roof! If your new roof only lasts 10 – 20 years, while another waterproofing system may have lasted 40 – 60 years or more, then the cost of your new roof is 2 to 6 times more, than originally taken into account.

Therefore it is important to take everything into account including the system being used, the guarantee provided and the professionalism of the contractor or company who undertakes the work. A white van man roofer, installing an outdated felt system for example, who may be able to cut costs and provide an inferior product for a slightly lower initial cost, is more than likely to cost you a great deal more in the long run.

So what should you consider when choosing the right flat roofing contractor to go with?

Well, here are a few things you should consider:

  • What waterproofing system will be used (cheap or outdated systems like felt, quality EPDM etc)?
  • Do they provide a manufacturer guarantee and how long is the guarantee for?
  • Is the system suitable for the environment and stress it will placed under (will there be heavy ponding, lots of foot traffic, be used as an outdoor space or become a roof garden)?
  • How long is the waterproofing material expected to last?
  • Do they offer value for money?
  • If they are the cheapest, then how do they accomplish that (are they sacrificing quality and cutting corners)?
  • Always be sure to compare quotes on a like for like basis, what is included and what is not?

How do we compare?

Full flat roof replacement being undertaken for a leaking roof with rotten timber A new flat roof with skylights being installedWe can provide very competitive prices on both the initial installation cost of your new flat roof, and offer much greater value on the lifelong cost of your new roof, while our systems still provide a full 20 Year Guarantee. How do we achieve this? Well, we use quality, modern flat roof systems offer many advantages attributed to their manufacture and installation processes. This allows us to save time and labour (money) when undertaking your new flat roof installation. Effectively, we use quality materials which has been extensively tested, but make big savings on associated time and labour costs involved in the installation. On top of this our choice of products have a proven, minimum life expectancy of over 50 years and are used extensively in demanding projects such as for pond lining, tanking and green roof gardens.