Residential Flat Roof Projects

We are experienced flat roofers and residential roof contractors who will carry out residential roof inspections, before undertaking any quality, residential flat roof installation. Our expertise allows us to take on various developments, such as arched roof residential projects and plant heavy roofs.

Garage flat roof covered in EPDM S&K Contractors, as quality flat roofers and residential roof contractors, pride ourselves in offering longer lasting rubber roofing for peace of mind, with great customer service and attention to detail. In the residential flat roof sector, we carry out many types of works including arched roof residential projects, garage roofs, flat roofs, pitched roofs, dormer roofs and roof patios.

In the United States and Japan architects and building contractors have put their faith in rubber with more than 55% of flat roofs being covered in EPDM.

White silicone roof coating systems reflecting the sunWe often get calls from residential flat roof home owners who have roof problems ranging from leaking roofs and noise pollution, to poor retention of heat and complicated outlets and penetrations, in their home or garage roof. S&K Contractors as quality flat roofers and residential roof contractors, can offer free residential roof inspections and advice, before providing you with a free comparative quotation.

We can provide free, competitive quotations to carry out quality, long lasting, residential flat roof works, without sacrificing on quality or workmanship while our products offer a full 20 Year Guarantee!

Residential flat roof project for a property in Torbay Whether you require a new flat roof or to replace an existing flat roof, desire a roof patio, or require arched roof residential waterproofing we have you covered and can offer quality residential flat roofing and waterproofing at competitive prices.

Considering all our waterproofing products comes with a 20 Year Guarantee, while our choice of EPDM has a minimum life expectancy of over 50 years, you can be rest assured you’re getting top quality roofing, from expert flat roofers, as well as value for money and will never having to carry out re roofing on the same roof again.

Our Residential Flat Roof Process

The initial part of our processes requires us to have access to your property to conduct a residential roof inspection, survey and individually measure each roof. One of our team will be able to provide advice and guidance on all aspects of the works and to any roof problems you may have including noise dampening, insulation, Fascias, rainwater goods as well as any other common problems faced by flat or arched roof residential projects.

Some of our staff undertaking flat roof refurbishmentWe will then provide you with a free no obligation quotation and await your decision. Once a quotation has been accepted with a formal go ahead, measurements taken from your residential roof inspection will be sent off to order the EPDM membrane or silicone coating to meet your roofing requirements with a start date being set.

Silicone roof coating resisting moss and algaes on roof near riverOur installation process will then take place which normally involves cleaning / preparing the roof to be overlayed (ensuring your existing home roof remains watertight during the process), applying insulation, overlaying with our EPDM using strong bonding adhesives, or with a silicone system and applying Fascias before tidying and cleaning the working area. We will then invite you to inspect the completed works for your approval before issuing you with our final invoice.

Please note this is our usual installation process, however we can accommodate your requirements through other forms of installation including mechanically fixed and ballasted approaches. Our residential roof consultants will be able to offer you advice and guidance on this, after we have carried out a residential roof inspection on your property.

Due to the longevity of our products and their 20 year guarantee, we get very little repeat business from residential home owners, but we do however get recommended to neighbors.