Silicone Roof Coating Systems

Good quality silicone roof coatings are the ideal solution for plant heavy roofs, especially where other flat roofing systems would cause delay or be difficult to install. A silicone roof coating system is a great choice for time sensitive projects, where minimum disruption to a buildings operation is extremely important, or where budget may play a crucial factor.

A photo showcasing how silicone roof coating benefits plant heavy roofsA silicone roof coating being silicone is inert and does not degrade. These systems are therefore in most cases able to last as long as the substrate itself, and so provide an excellent choice of waterproofing. Applying a silicone roofing system which does not degrade, allows for large savings to be made over the longer term, where other systems would need to be replaced, as well as immediate cost savings through their speed of application (making a saving through reduced man hour costs) and reduced disposal costs (as no wastage is produced by the product).

A plant heavy flat roofSilicone roof coating systems can be applied very quickly without compromising on quality, when combined with an experienced and qualified roofing contractor. These systems can show superior installation speeds when compared with other systems, particularly outdated traditional systems like felts. From our own experience using silicone based roof coating products, we have found vast reductions in installation times, particularly when working on plant heavy roofs, where other systems become trickier and more time consuming to apply and install. If time is a serious factor for your low pitched or flat roofing project, a silicone roof coating system maybe exactly what you are looking for.

Another huge benefit to using a silicone roof coating system is that they are white in colour. This means buildings requiring heavy air con use can become far more efficient and economical, through reducing the need for air con usage. This can therefore provide savings in a building’s running costs, particularly during the hotter summer months. This is all achieved through the white surface colour of the silicone coating, reflecting away up to 85% of uncomfortable to bear, and property damaging sun rays.

Along with the many qualities of good silicone roof coating systems, is the fact that in most cases they can be applied directly to an existing clean and dry roof structure. This means minimum disruption to the day to day operation of your business or building. The fact that the roof doesn’t need to be ripped up and opened before application, means there will be no extra leaking than is currently occurring, so your stock, staff and building contents will remain safe from the elements. A further benefit of this approach is less noise pollution, which is already minimal when applying this system.

White silicone roof coating systems reflecting the sunIn summary, silicone based roof coating systems are well rounded and hard wearing. These systems are capable of holding up in tropical to arctic conditions, as well as under extreme and permanent ponding of water, while offering many additional benefits in terms of financial, economical, time related and minimal disruption gains.

For further information about silicone coating systems please see our Silicone Roof Coating Benefits, and Frequently Asked Questions pages. Don’t think this product is right for your property, or looking for another product? See our Flat Roofing Products page, or feel free to Get in Touch for a FREE quote, advice and friendly local service!