Preserving and Staining

Interior wooden flooringOne of the many decorating services we offer is preserving and staining. This is an important consideration for any wood surfaces be they indoor or outdoor. Preserving and protecting surfaces through either staining or painting can prevent the wood from warping, twisting, splitting, cracking and rotting.

Painting an interior wooden stair caseThis can be even more important for decking where children or bare foot traffic is common practice and splinters could be harmful. While the horizontal nature of decking also leads to more environmental demands being placed upon it, such as ponding of water.

Waterproofing through preserving and staining wood surfaces on the exterior of your property such as decking, stair cases, fencing and siding, can ensure it lasts a life time without the need for replacement. In addition staining can help to protect these surfaces from various environmental elements such as UV light from the sun and standing rain water.

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