Pitched Roof Repairs

Two dormer window flat roofsIf you own a traditional property in Torbay or the surrounding area, chances are it will have a pitched roof. This simply means that the roof has a vertical rise (a slope or pitch) incorporated in its design. Most homes will have a pitched roof, although some may have a steeper pitch than others, or have several different pitches, perhaps interspersed with flat areas. Installing a new tile or slate roof and repairing an existing one is a skilled job which needs specialist professionals to complete correctly. This is where we can help: we are highly experienced, time-served roofers serving Torbay (Brixham, Torquay, Paignton), Newton Abbot, Totnes, Dartmouth, Exeter and Plymouth.

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Property having pitched roof work, internal and external painting and decoratingWe have been providing Torbay, Totnes and Newton Abbot homes and businesses with a trustworthy, high-quality service for some years now. Much of our business comes from word-of-mouth recommendations from local people and we are proud of our reputation for great results, fair pricing and friendly, accessible service. When you turn to us for your pitched roof repair or new-build, you’ll be dealing with a Torbay roofing company with a wealth of local experience to offer. Not only do we have a good understanding of roofing in general, we also have particular expertise in the use of local materials and the challenges which are common to properties in the area. This means that when you turn to us for pitched roof work, you are dealing with seasoned professionals who will have successfully worked on properties very similar to your own.

Pitched roof repairs Torbay – quality through experience

An example of an internal roof leakDevon storms, winds and general old age can frequently mean that even sturdily built roofs in Torbay, Dartmouth or Exeter can develop a leak or weak spot. Left unchecked, the problem can grow quickly, with damp penetrating through into your loft space, potentially causing all sorts of problems elsewhere in your home. We have the expertise and materials needed to effect prompt, high-grade repairs on your pitched roof. Whether you need a few new tiles or need one part of the roof completely rebuilding, our team can get the job done promptly. Particularly if you’ve experienced storm damage, a quick repair is essential to prevent the problem from getting worse. Our team is often able to complete local repairs in a short space of time – get in touch for a FREE survey and quote.

Locally sourced installers

A slate roof in need of repairAs a Devon business, we are proud of our local links! Where possible we source from local providers and use locally sourced installers. We are roofing contractors from Torbay who are committed to our community. Whether that means providing our services to nearby homes and businesses or supporting local trade through our procurement policies, we do our utmost to serve the area where we live and work.

Straight-forward roof repairs from a Torbay roofer

Adjacent tile roofs in need of repairOur team works on properties from Plymouth, through Exeter and surrounding towns. On receiving your enquiry, our team will come out to do a FREE site survey. Once we’ve determined what the nature of the problem is with your roof, we will be able to advise on what your options might be. Often there are several different possibilities: we provide home and business owners with the knowledge they need to make the choice that’s right for their particular circumstances. Once you’ve decided which solution is going to be right for you, we provide a FREE, no-obligation quote to get the job completed. If you’re happy with that, we go on to provide the high-quality installation you need to ensure you get the results you deserve. Contact us Now for professional work, local and friendly service.

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