Firestone EPDMs

Firestone EPDMs offer a great combination of quality and affordability. Often as the quality of a product increases so does its price, but with the Firestone range of EPDMs, you can rest assured you are getting a top quality product at affordable prices in all sectors commercial, residential and industrial.

Residential flat roof project for a property in TorbayHow can the range of Firestone EPDMs offer superior quality while not blowing the budget? Well, it’s simple really. It’s all to do with how EPDMs are manufactured and installed, which can save time in man hours and associated costs during their installation. This coupled with professional EPDM installers, can ensure a job is completed quickly, affordably and to a high standard.

Having used various flat roofing products and systems over the years, we will normally choose to use one of the Firestone EPDM membrane systems (including RubberGard, RubberCover, Rubber Bond, Rubberall, Rubber for Roofs and Classic Bond) when another system has not been specified, due to it’s long lifespan and the various EPDM benefits it provides.

EPDM installed on a low sloped flat roofFirestone EPDMs use the Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) rubber roofing technology, which has been used extensively on flat roofs and low sloping roofs by commercial roofing contractors for more than 30 years, while the technology started to be used more than 50 years ago. From inspecting Firestone and other roofs installed with a quality EPDM many years later, you can see no visual signs of aging, and so Firestone can be regarded as a proven product, with a proven performance and proven life expectancy!

Firestone EPDMSingle ply roofing systems make up the largest share of the industrial flat roofing and commercial flat roofing market, with EPDMs including Firetsone EPDMs being the most popular product being used. However, these days Firestone EPDMs and EPDMs in general are being used more and more in the residential flat roofing field too. Where previously they were mainly used for larger commercial roofing projects and industrial roofing projects , EPDMs are now being used extensively in the residential market too, quickly becoming the product of choice. The reason for this is simple. The Firestone EPDM range offer long term dependability, weatherability, affordability, flexibility and durability, while when properly installed by a competent and experienced flat roofing contractor, you will never have to undertake reroofing on the building again (longevity). Firestone is ideal for residential flat roofing works as well as extensions,dormers, porches, garages, verandas, carports, large out door garden sheds, balconies, gutter lining and for green roof gardens.

The Firestone range of EPDMs have been built and modified upon the heritage and innovation of the rubber polymer technology. Firestone EPDMs are made up of versatile membranes which like other quality membranes offer a variety of installation options and flexibility.

EPDM installation contractor working on a large flat roofWhile extensively used across the globe, with more than one billion metres being installed world wide, this product has also been extensively used across the UK. We have personally installed this product on a wide variety of flat roofing projects for various building types including schools, council offices and properties, hospitals, residential and commerical properties. We have even been sought out to install this product on residential buildings owned by architects, constructions managers and other professionals in the construction industry.

Firestone EPDMs can be used on new build projects, as well as being able to overlay existing flat and low pitched roofs. See our EPDM benefits and Frequently Asked Questions page, and don’t hesitate to Contact Us for Free Quotes and a friendly local service!