Professional Flat Roofing Services in Devon

S&K Contractors based in Devon, offer a range of waterproofing and flat roofing services for the residential, commercial and industrial roofing sectors.

Although we are based in Devon, we mainly operate between Exeter and Plymouth. All our approved waterproofing products boast a 20 Year Guarantee, while the rubber roofing and silicone based roofing systems we use, have been proven to last in excess of 50 years.

As Residential Waterproofing and Roofing Contractors

Silicone roof coating resisting moss and algaes on roof near river We understand that attention to detail and customer service, regardless of size is important. Although we don’t normally get repeat business in this sector (due to our waterproofing system’s long life span), we still understand the importance of word of mouth and referrals.

Residential flat roof project for a property in TorbayProjects we undertake for local residents often include flat roof installation, replacement, refurbishment and maintenance, for garage, home, dormer window, balcony, home office, storage and other types of flat roofs. With our EPDM roof systems being designed for industrial roofing and demanding commercial waterproofing situations, residents can be reassured that our choice of products are built to last and well tested.

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As an Industrial Roofing Contractor

Industrial flat roofing and large areas of waterproofing is where we really shine and can offer you the greatest value to go with our top quality waterproofing. This is because our EPDM roofing system is made to measure in the factory with seams being vulcanised together, saving a great deal of time on site.

A plant heavy industrial flat roof This means a roof covering can be measured, fabricated and installed quicker than any other roofing product and with industrial roofing projects this means we can be considerably cheaper, saving you a lot of money without compromising on quality or workmanship.

In most cases when refurbishing a flat roof we would normally overlay our material due to its permeable characteristics, which means we wouldn’t need to expose your stock, machinery, offices or workforce to the elements during installation.

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As a Commercial Waterproofing and Roofing Contractor

A commercial flat roof project using EPDM rubber waterproofing In the commercial roofing and waterproofing sector we tend to undertake a greater range of projects. We procure a lot of flat roofing work for schools and local authorities, as well as a varied range of waterproofing works for major construction companies within Devon.

In the United States and Japan architects and building contractors put their faith in rubber with more than 55% of flat roofs being covered in EPDM.

Our choice of rubber EPDM waterproofing systems offers many advantages over other single and multiply roofing systems, being extremely robust, durable, permeable and built to last. Some of its many advantages can be found on our EPDM benefits page.

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We are a conscientious company who appreciate the importance of word of mouth, referrals and building great business relationships. We like to think we are both quality focused and customer driven, aiming to please and providing our customers with a good experience.